WHY for Teams

Are you ready to take your business to the next level? Welcome to WHY for Teams, where we transform ordinary teams into extraordinary powerhouses of motivation, productivity, and success. Join us on a journey of discovery, empowerment, and transformation as we unlock the untapped potential within your team and empower you to lead with purpose.  

The first step to internal alignment is understanding one another WHY to WHY. Utilizing the WHY.os Discovery tool, developed by the WHY institute and based on Simon Sineak’s book “Start with WHY,” each team member will discover their personal WHY, HOW, and WHAT.  Using the results, you’ll begin to see your team members in an entirely new way. You will respect one another’s gifts and understand how each other operates, becoming a well-oiled machine.

Are you ready to build your dream team? 

What to Expect

During this half-day workshop, teams will be taken through a full self-discovery workshop with engaging, hands-on activities and discussions. Participants will learn the 9 different WHYs, the brain biology behind the WHY, how to define their own WHY.os, and how to articulate who they are and how they operate on the team!

You will leave with a tangible understanding of one another, how to work together, and a full WHY Matrix of the team to see at a glance. 

This workshop will help your team: 

  • Understand one another better,
  • Foster healthy working relationships,
  • Strengthen interpersonal communication,
  • Articulate needs in and out of the workplace,
  • Discover how you work best together, and

Become the best you can be!

Join the countless businesses that have already benefited from Team Why.os.

Reach out to Jennifer to schedule an exploratory call to see if this program is right for you. 

Check out two interviews I did with the WHY Institute’s Chief Growth Officer, Dan Dominguez about the WHY Program!

“Having a great session is one thing. Hearing how individuals are implementing this in their personal lives, utilizing this to understand their teammates better where there had been deep friction; and using the power of self-awareness to elevate themselves and each other is another and that hit me hard.

We have real tangible stories from the TEAM this week that have enabled us to much more effectively move the needle, purely based on the learnings and better knowing how to understand and communicate with each other.

You made a big impact, Jennifer Chapman.

Keep doing THAT.”

David Gregory

Business Development Leader

Meet Jennifer

My passion lies in supporting a person’s whole self on all levels so they can excel in every area of their lives. I’ve completed a year-long certification through the Institute of Coaching Mastery, accredited through ICF, and focus primarily on mindset. The goal is to take an inside-out approach by bringing awareness and acceptance, and then taking aligned action. 

I am passionate about creating a safe space for companies and their people to up-level their mental and emotional wellness, providing the support and infrastructure they need to continue to thrive as professionals.