Approximately a decade ago I learned that life is a journey, not a destination.  I’ve learned to pay attention when someone or something keeps showing up in my life and trust that there is a purpose even if I do not understand the purpose in the moment.  Jennifer kept showing up in my life.  I decided to trust there was a reason and “Just Committed” to a six-month journey with Jennifer.  With Jennifer by my side, I was able to discover my values and understand parts of me years of therapy had not touched.  Therapy was essential in teaching me about my anxiety and how to manage the condition, while Jennifer’s coaching has guided me to begin understanding my truth, worthiness, and root cause for the anxiety.  Not only am I practicing more self-compassion, I see my family transforming by communicating more compassionately.  As my initial six months has approached, I know that I want Jennifer by my side to help guide me in discovering my “mantle and mission.”