Jennifer Chapman

Author, Speaker, and Certified Mindset Coach



Overcoming trauma mentally, emotionally, and physically; wellness tactics for all levels.


Finding your purpose, overcoming roadblocks, and establishing new patterns for your life.


Reframe the mind. Accepting and embracing a new normal and adapting to be the warrior vs. the victim.


Value yourself. Your work, title, or position shouldn’t be tied to who you are. 

Recommending Jennifer after I heard her speak about her story. So happy I attended the VIP Center for Business Women event!
Pamela Robbins

Mary Kay Cosmetics


With Just Commit Coaching, Jennifer serves others who’s light has been overcast by darkness. Her coaching sessions are designed to cater to those who are in need of emotional support. Guidance in acceptance and overcoming emotional baggage that hasn’t been unpacked.

“It is all about taking a deep dive into the root of their challenges and then offering solutions.”

As someone with firsthand experience with these challenges, Jennifer has been able to build connections and relate on a personal level with her clients. Her survival and growth is what separates Jennifer and Just Commit Coaching from others.

Connect and grow together.