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You Are a Badass: How to Stop Doubting Your Greatness and Start Living an Awesome Life

by Jen Sincero

I I love Jen’s perspective and approach to achieving what you want and being self-aware every step of the way on how to get there. It really is about not only pushing other opinions aside, but getting out of your own way.


by Glennon Doyle

I love all of Glennon Doyle’s work as she keeps it real, raw, and brutally honest. She shares her own stories of darkness and pain and how to overcome all that with grit and resilience. I relate so much to her overall attitude on living life now with a new lens.

The Seat of the Soul

by Gary Zukav

This book is powerful. Not only did it open my eyes to the spiritual way of thinking about my life but also provided me the peace of mind that our souls are who we are at the core. It is an internal process that we create and develop by what we think and feel and our attitude that surrounds it.

Take Control of Your Life

by Mel Robbins

I am a huge fan of all of Mel Robbins work and the female perspective of decision making in every aspect of your life. It’s about being aware of the situation you are in and knowing how to take the appropriate steps to make change happen. All decisions can be made around the 5 Second Rule and if you don’t commit to the decision within those 5 seconds, your mind will shut it down and not commit.


Super Soul Sunday

by Oprah

Every interview is filled with inspiration, wisdom, and a spiritual perspective that fuels the mind, body, and soul. There are so many learning lessons that come with each conversation. Every time I listen to the same one twice, I pull something new and different from the conversation.

Unlocking Us

by Brene Brown

I absolutely love all of Brene’s books and now real conversations that surround her area of expertise that is shame, vulnerability, courage, acceptance, and empathy. She is as real as it gets and she is able to break it down for all of us to understand how to come out of our shell, take the leap, and believe in ourselves

The School of Greatness

by Lewis Howes

Lewis is a former Pro athlete turned entrepreneur and best-selling author. Whether he is interviewing influential celebs, world class athletes, or successful business professionals, they share stories on how they got to the top and differences between ordinary and extraordinary. How and why the greatest become great!