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Gut and Science: Leaders, You Gotta Walk the Walk with Jennifer Chapman

➚ Gut and Science | with Nikki Lewallen Gregory

Jennifer Chapman, founder of Just Commit Coaching joins Nikki to share her inspiring journey and how a life-changing event propelled her down a new path. They discuss the importance of “walking the walk” as a leader, the power of self-awareness, and the barriers that prevent leaders from embracing growth. Tune in as they explore the role of empathy, emotional intelligence, and continuous self-reflection in becoming the best leader possible. Get ready for an enlightening and impactful discussion that will inspire you to make positive changes in your own life and leadership style. Let’s dive in!

Why Not Wednesday with Jennifer Chapman

➚Why Institute | with Dan Dominguez, WHY Institute Chief Growth Officer

WHY NOT Wednesday is a weekly show hosted by WHY Institute Chief Growth Officer Dan Dominguez. Every week we interview one of our WHY.os Certified Coaches or a friend of WHY Institute about their biggest WHY NOT moment. A time in their life when they said “WHY NOT?” And we ask them how things turned out.

We believe that when we come to the end of our life, we don’t regret the things we did, but we do regret the things we didn’t do.

The Chris Voss Show Podcast – Jennifer Chapman, Founder of Just Commit Coaching, ICM Certified Mindset Coach & Speaker

➚ The Chris Voss Show | with Chris Voss

I spoke with Chris about my call to create Just Commit Coaching in 2021,  and how my passion lies in supporting an individual’s whole self on all levels so they can excel in every area of their life. 

The 24K Life with Derick Gant:Two Big T Trauma’s & Still Undefeated

➚ with Derick Gant

Living the Dream Podcast: Embrace Your Inner Warrior with Jennifer Chapman

➚ with Timmy Douglas

Jennifer Chapman, a former sales executive with more than 16 years experience, pivoted from the Corporate World to the solopreneur space after overcoming multiple traumatic events and working with her own coach to find acceptance and embrace this new version of who she is. Jennifer works with individuals and teams to help build self awareness, resilience, and love of self as well as inspiring others to overcome a victim mentality and embrace their inner warrior

Healthy Mind, Healthy Life: Unleashing the Warrior Within: Retraining Your Brain and Embracing Your Inner Younger Self After Trauma

➚ with Avik Chakraborty

Welcome to “Healthy Mind, Healthy Life,” the podcast that explores the transformative power of embracing mental well-being and its profound impact on all aspects of our lives. I’m your host, Avik, and today we have a remarkable guest joining us. She’s a true inspiration and a living testament to the resilience of the human spirit. Please welcome Jennifer Chapman!

Jennifer Chapman, a former sales executive with over 16 years of experience, made a courageous leap from the corporate world to the realm of solopreneurship. Her journey began after overcoming multiple traumatic events and embarking on a path of personal growth and self-discovery with the support of her own coach. Today, Jennifer works passionately with individuals and teams, helping them cultivate self-awareness, resilience, and self-love while empowering them to break free from a victim mentality and embrace their inner warrior.

Podcast Business News Network – GUEST

➚ with Jill Nicolini

WHY NOT Wednesday – GUEST

➚ with Dan Dominguez

“WHY Not Wednesday is a weekly show hosted by WHY Institute Chief Growth Officer Dan Dominguez.

Every week we interview one of our WHY.os Certified Coaches or a friend of WHY Institute about the impact the WHY.os has had on their personal and professional life.

We also ask them about their biggest WHY Not moment. A time in their life when they said “WHY Not?” And we ask them how things turned out.

We believe that when we come to the end of our life, we don’t regret the things we did, but we do regret the things we didn’t do.

Tune in and find out what our guest Jennifer Chapman said “WHY Not” to this week!!”

The Comeback – GUEST

➚ with Dr. Caroline Iscovitz

“Jennifer Chapman, an Indy native and Ball State graduate, has had a unique road to get here to where she is today. Life challenged her first at 11 with the unexpected loss of her mom and again at 34 suffering a life changing stroke while thriving in Corporate Sales. After doing consistent work with a life coach to overcome the mental and emotional challenges internally, Jennifer shifted in 2020 and found the passion to coach others through their own life challenges. She founded Just Commit Coaching. She serves her clients 1:1 and in group settings to help find clarity, redefine their purpose, get out of their own way, and step into their full potential.”

The Soul Star Channel: How to Stop Playing the Role of a ‘Victim’ (S2 : EP28) – GUEST

➚ with Tiffany Thexton

How To Move From Being A Victim To Being A Victor Over Life’s Events (EP. 90) – GUEST

➚ with Carl Richards

Your message and your story can move people to action. However, your message can also leave people in a place of inaction. How you frame that message and that story makes all the difference, to you and your audience.

Wellness Stories from a Teacher Turned Soapmaker (EP. 37) – GUEST

➚ with Carrie Neely

Career Shift Following a Stroke at 34

Victim to Victory Podcast Series – GUEST

➚ with Tracey Cook

Recovering from multiple life-changing events


➚ with Rebecca Fleetwood Hession

Living Well in Community with Jennifer Chapman and Deseri Garcia
“Jennifer is a successful sales woman who suffered a stroke, and Deseri is a personal and professional coach and team builder. Today, they discuss their profound story of Jennifer reaching out to Deseri to help process the emotions of going through a traumatic life event.”


➚ with Frank Agin

Just Commit to a Comeback
“Life Coach, Jennifer Chapman, shares how surviving a stroke at just 34 years old redirected her from a corporate life to being on a mission to help others come back from a setback.”


➚ with Lindsey Badillo

Rebuilding your Confidence After Life-Changing Events
“After experiencing a life-changing event invoked from a sales-related job, Jennifer now serves as a life coach to help women transform their lives, and accept and embrace the new version of themselves.”


➚ With Margaret Weniger

Jennifer Chapman: Stroke Warrior
Rising Tide is the destination for career-driven women to share their incredible journey and find inspiration and courage, and trust their voice. Through sharing stories, wisdom, and advice, women can collectively rise.


➚ With Deseri Garcia

Things happen for you, not to you


➚ With Tracey Osborne

Interview at the Global Women’s Summit

Living Well in Community on The Badass Womens Council

➚ With Rebecca Fleetwood Hession

In this podcast, I joined Rebecca and Deseri Garcia. Deseri is a personal and professional coach and team builder. We discussed how I reached out to Deseri to help me process the emotions of going through a traumatic life event.


➚ With Joanna was founded with the purpose to help entrepreneurs, independent professionals, and small businesses build their clientele by providing a sole location when seeking a specialist. I am happy I was able to speak with Joanna recently. Tune in below!


➚ With Bill Gasiamis

Changing Perspective After Stroke – Jennifer Chapman
I spoke with Bill Gasiamis about how I am recovering from an ischemic stroke, which is caused by blood clots from vertebral artery dissection.

Living Self “Accepted” (EP. 46) | With Zach and FreddyMac

I spoke with Zach and Freddymac about my life story, and overcoming struggles, including suffering a stroke at only 34 years of age. I shared some of the ways that I have been able to find healing, acceptance, and a purpose through it all.

Unlocked with Skot Waldron (EP. 5) 

Here, I chatted with Skot about unlocking a victim mentality through finding your true calling. We cover taking emotional and mental challenges, and shifting them to be able to help others through life’s challenges.

Interview: Be inspired | With Liz Geeslin

It all started with not one, but two life-changing events. BE INSPIRED by this conversation with Liz and learn how I took those two experiences to create a path to serve others.

Interview: Indiana Business Spotlight

➚ | With Coach Tim Campsall

Sharing my story with Action Coach, Tim Campsall. Tim’s interviews put the spotlight on Indiana-based businesses. It was my pleasure to talk to him about how I created Just Commit Coaching to help others.

Blog Features


Life coach Magazine | June 9, 2022

Jennifer Chapman is the founder of Just Commit Coaching in Indianapolis, Indiana. We hope you enjoy this interview!

#beyondthestroke: The Life Coach.

Nomadic Caffeine | March 9, 2021

How Jennifer was able to make a career pivot after experiencing debilitating brain trauma in 2017, is especially encouraging to those who have similar stories; her’s began as any other…


Jennifer Chapman – Just Commit Coaching


“It is an honor to support others who are willing to do the work and are open and curious to what is truly possible.”


➚ The Chronicle Journal | December 02, 2020

“While it is inarguably true that people can overcome life challenges on their own, some circumstances can easily be resolved only with help from those who can give an unbiased and objective perspective on one’s situation. This is where mentors such as the widely acclaimed founder of Just Commit Coaching, Jennifer Lynn Chapman, come in.”


➚ The Chicago Journal | September 08, 2020

“After suffering and surviving a stroke at only 34 years old, Jennifer Chapman rediscovered life and its value through life coaching sessions. Today, she has taken on the role of a life coach at “Just Commit Coaching,” seeking to help others who find themselves in the same position she was in. She is committed to helping them overcome the struggles that come with surviving a stroke.”


➚ New York Weekly | September 07, 2020

“Jennifer Chapman spent a fantastic childhood in the heartland of America. Family, love, and support for her interests and passions surrounded her home environment. Jennifer identifies her mother as her most significant support at this age in her life. Unfortunately, her mother passed away when Jennifer was 11. With her life disrupted, she had to learn to live a new normal with her father and brother.”