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Guest on The Badass Womens Council

➚ with Rebecca Fleetwood Hession

Living Well in Community with Jennifer Chapman and Deseri Garcia
“This week, Rebecca is joined by Jennifer Chapman and Deseri Garcia. Jennifer is a successful sales woman who suffered a stroke, and Deseri is a personal and professional coach and team builder. Today they discuss their profound story of Jennifer reaching out to Deseri to help process the emotions of going through a traumatic life event. Tune in now to hear these women share inspirational stories to help fuel your soul.”

Guest on the Networking Rx podcast

➚ with Frank Agin

“Life Coach Jennifer Chapman shares how surviving a stroke at just 34 years old re-directed her from a corporate life to being on a mission to help others come back from a setback.”

Guest on The Aligned Coach Podcast

➚ with Lindsey Badillo

“In this episode, we interview the founder of Just Commit Coaching, Jennifer Chapman. After experiencing a life-changing event invoked from a sales-related job, Jennifer now serves as a life coach to help women transform their lives, and accept and embrace the new version of themselves.”

Guest on Rising Tide Podcast

➚ With Margaret Weniger

Rising Tide is the destination for career driven women to share their incredible journey and to find inspiration, find courage, and trust their voice. Through sharing stories, wisdom, and advice women can collectively rise.

Guest on Vida Aventura

➚ With Deseri Garcia

Interview: Things happen for you, not to you

Guest on Healing Within

➚ With Tracey Osborne

Interview at the Global Women’s Summit

Living Well in Community on The Badass Womens Council

➚ With Rebecca Fleetwood Hession

In this podcast, I joined Rebecca along with Deseri Garcia. Deseri is a personal and professional coach and team builder. We discussed how I reached out to Deseri to help me process the emotions of going through a traumatic life event.

Guest on

➚ With Joanna was founded with one simple purpose: to help entrepreneurs, independent professionals, and small businesses build their clientele by providing consumers one location when seeking a specialist. I am happy I got to speak with Joanna recently. Tune in below!

Guest on The Badass Phoenix Podcast (EP8)

➚ | With Joann Bryant

In this podcast, I am sharing with Joann what happened after I suffered a stroke at 34. How I spent a week in the hospital, time in acute rehab and 5 months in outpatient therapy regaining my balance, strength, adapt to the loss of vision, and speech therapy.

Recovery After Stroke (EP129) | With Bill Gasiamis

I spoke with Bill Gasiamis about how I am recovering from an ischemic stroke which was caused by blood clots that occurred because of a vertebral artery dissection.

Living Self “Accepted” (EP46) | With Zach and FreddyMac

I spoke with Zach and Freddymac to my life story, about overcoming struggles, including suffering a stroke at only 34 years old. I shared some of the ways that I have been able to find healing, acceptance, and purpose through it all.

Interview: Be inspired | With Liz Geeslin

It all started with not one, but two life changing events…BE INSPIRED by this conversation with Liz and learn how I took those two experiences to create a path to serve others.

Interview: Indiana Business Spotlight

➚ | With Coach Tim Campsall

Sharing my story with Action Coach Tim Campsall. Tim’s intervivews put the spotlight on Indiana-based businesses. It was my pleasure to talk to him about how I created Just Commit Coaching to help others.

Featured in Blogs

#beyondthestroke: The Life Coach.

Nomadic Caffeine | March 9, 2021

From the blog post: How Jennifer was able to make a career pivot after experiencing debilitating brain trauma in 2017, is especially encouraging to those who have similar stories; hers began as any other…

Mentions in Magazines & Newspapers

‘Just Commit Coaching’ and Founder Jennifer Chapman Serve as an Enabler of Personal Growth

➚ The Chronicle Journal | December 02, 2020

Excerpt: While it is inarguably true that people can overcome life challenges on their own, some circumstances can easily be resolved only with the help of those who can give an unbiased and objective perspective on one’s situation. This is where mentors such as the widely acclaimed founder of Just Commit Coaching, Jennifer Lynn Chapman, come in.

Jennifer Chapman: Surviving Stroke and Starting Just Commit Coaching

➚ The Chicago Journal | September 08, 2020

Excerpt: After suffering and surviving a stroke at only 34 years old, Jennifer Chapman rediscovered life and its value through life coaching sessions. Today, she has taken on the role of a life coach at “Just Commit Coaching,” seeking to help others who find themselves in the same position she was in. She is committed to helping them overcome the struggles that come with surviving a stroke.

Jennifer Chapman Overcomes Tragedy and Supports for Stroke Survivors

➚ New York Weekly | September 07, 2020

Excerpt: Jennifer Chapman spent a fantastic childhood in the heartland of America. Family, love, and support for her interests and passions surrounded her home environment. Jennifer identifies her mother as her most significant support at this age in her life. Unfortunately, her mother passed away when Jennifer was 11. With her life disrupted, she had to learn to live a new normal with her father and brother.