Victim to Victory Podcast: “Recovering from multiple life-changing events” V2V Interview featuring Jennifer Chapman

with Tracey Cook

MY ENTIRE LIFE CHANGED WHEN I WAS 11—AND AGAIN AT 34. One moment I was living a perfect childhood with an amazing family and close friends. The next moment, I lost my mom very suddenly and had to adapt to life without her. Through family support and a passion for tennis, I grieved and made the best out of what life had given me. Then I reached age 34. The same age my mom was when she passed. I was a successful sales professional and took my stress out in the gym daily. Again, one moment, I was running 5 glorious miles and my body felt amazing. The next moment, I just didn’t feel right. I couldn’t think clearly. I couldn’t swallow. I took an ambulance to the hospital, and the doctor confirmed it: I had suffered a stroke.