Be Convinced! Sharing Lifechanging Stories of Hope: Jennifer Chapman Inspires You to Overcome a Victim Mentality and Embrace Your Inner Warrior

with Soraya

Have you felt that you are not happy with where you are in life and just did not want to stay feeling that way?  Have you considered seeking the assistance of a life coach? My guest Jennifer Chapman is a certified life coach and speaker who is passionate about inspiring others to overcome a victim mentality and embrace their inner warrior. Jennifer knows all too well what it is like to feel stuck.  She was a very successful sales executive who was driven to achieve.  However, at the age of 34, she suffered a stroke and went through a long journey of rehab.  And, she also carried with her grief for many, many years because of the sudden death of her mother when she was a child. When she found herself frequently sitting in her car crying, she realized that she did not want to stay where she was.  She reached a point in her life when she sought the assistance of a life coach, and her personal growth was tremendous.  Wanting to help others break out of those limiting beliefs and expand and grow, she became certified in life coaching and established her business Just Commit Coaching.