Certified Life & Mindset Coach

I help high achievers go from Merely surviving to THRIVING by embracing their inner warrior

As a former sales executive and President’s Club member, I knew the value of having mentors and coaches that helped me achieve ultimate personal and professional growth. I guide corporate groups through self-discovery, values-based goal-setting, and implementation.

I help career professionals go from surviving to thriving in every aspect of their life by embracing their resiliency. As a Certified Life Coach through the Institute for Coaching Mastery, I support your people through a journey of self-discovery, values-driven goal designing, and goal implementation. By uncovering their blocks, listening to their inner critic, and creating an actionable strategic plan, your people will have clarity about what they want. They will be set up with the tools, systems, and mindset to make things happen.

Leaders reach out to me, and when they explain where they are as a company regarding retainment and engagement, I hear the same things repeatedly:

  • How do I prevent burnout?
  • How do I create an inspired environment?
  • How do I build a more resilient team?
  • How do I offer a more flex schedule and still guarantee productivity?
  • How do I create a united front that is aligned with our mission?
My intention for you and your business is that after your people work with me, they walk away feeling empowered and inspired. The results can look like this:
  • Enhanced productivity and performance
  • Enhanced personal and professional growth
  • Increased self-awareness
  • Improved employee engagement
  • Enhanced teamwork
  • Improved job satisfaction
  • A more resilient mindset

I am confident in my ability to help individuals access their inner warrior and allow it to shine. By doing so, I believe I can assist in the growth and improvement of your team and, subsequently, your business.


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Gold & Platinum Programs

For groups of up to five people. The following applies to all group coaching programs:

In Person

We meet once per month in person as a group.

Ongoing work for lasting results

Participants will receive bi-weekly worksheets and exercises to do in between sessions to expand on their learnings, including an Enneagram assessment.


Participants will have access to me via email and Voxer for communication for high-level
coaching in between sessions.


The program provides accountability and flexibility when it comes to scheduling.


Access to recommended books, podcasts, articles, and other development material necessary to support growth.

6-month Program


Lunch & Learns
Once a Month

Month One
Month One

  • Welcome and intro
  • Goals and intentions
  • Create a vision and define values

Month Two
Month Two

Enneagram Assessment
When we know our personality, strengths, and motivations, we can discover how they influence our emotions, attitudes, and behaviors.

Month Three
Month Three

  • Overcoming victim mentality
  • Building a resilient mindset

Month Four
Month Four

  • Acceptance work
  • Showing up with compassion and empathy

Month Five
Month Five

  • Creating new patterns and forming new habits
  • Owning your worth

Month Six
Month Six

  • Aligned action
  • Strategic goals moving forward
  • Evaluation and celebration

Month One
Month One

Vision and Values
Participants will clarify what their ideal future looks like for themselves and within your organization and how to use their values as a direction-making compass to stay in alignment and on track.

Month Two
Month Two
Knowing your Why
Participants will complete an assessment that will establish their why, how, and what, and use this knowledge to adhere to their strengths within your organization.
Month Three
Month Three
Building Confidence
Participants will recognize their zone of genius by reflecting on activities they enjoy doing and excel at, recalling instances where they felt confident, and identifying actionable steps to access this state of being whenever necessary.
Month Four
Month Four

Resiliency Mindset
Participants will identify ways to go from a victim mentality to a more growth-oriented mindset and be equipped with strategies to support these creative shifts.

Month Five
Month Five

Forming New Habits
Participants will go through a process of identifying old habits and how to create new habits, patterns, and behaviors.

Month Six
Month Six

Mental and Emotional Wellness Tactics
Participants will be provided with ways to support their mental and emotional health on a daily basis.

6-Month Program


Lunch & Learns
once a month Plus
1:1 monthly sessions

About Jennifer Chapman

I spent the first 10 years of my career in the adult beverage industry in various roles including sales representative, recruiting, key account management, and IN state manager. I transitioned into the corporate sales world in 2015, where I achieved Presidents Club in 2016, 7 Summit Awards, and was a mentor to several sales representatives across my region.

I created ‘Just Commit Coaching’ in the heart of 2020 after being inspired by what my own coach was able to do for me.

The two most significant lessons in my life go above and beyond any career accomplishment. At age 34, I suffered a life-changing stroke while excelling in corporate America. It was the same age my mom was when she suddenly passed when I was just 11 years old.

My passion lies in supporting a person’s whole self on all levels so they can excel in every area of their life. I have completed a year-long certification through the Institute of Coaching Mastery, accredited through ICF, and focus primarily on mindset. The goal is to take an inside-out approach by bringing awareness and acceptance and then taking aligned action. I am passionate about creating a safe space for companies and their people to uplevel their mental and emotional wellness so they can continue to thrive as professionals.

If you are interested in what I could do for your people, let’s hop on a call to discuss the possibilities.