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My Framework

90-day goals and expectations.

Create your vision, values, and awareness around roadblocks.

Deeper dive into limiting beliefs and what is holding you back.

Acceptance vs. Resistance and compassionate self-forgiveness work.

Knowing your worth, building your confidence, and positive mindset hacks.

Create aligned action steps, new habits, and behaviors.

Jennifer is very inspiring and has been a great friend and business connection.
Kim Williams

Indiana Parkinson Foundation

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Just Commit Coaching

Whether you are an individual, or an organization looking, I am here to help you through your journey.

Just Commit Coaching is for you if:

  • You’ve felt stuck for a long time, and you’re ready to move forward.
  • You’re finished feeling lost for not “getting over it” sooner.
  • You’re longing for renewal and focus.
  • You’re looking to verbally process.
  • You’re ready to focus on your strengths.
  • You DON’T want to stay stuck in a loop.
  • You DON’T need hand-holding or more “time” to heal.
  • You DON’T want to miss out on life.
  • You DON’T want to only focus on your losses.
  • You DON’T want to ignore your soul.

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for all 12 weeks

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