...even if your life has become unrecognizable.
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If you’re putting your world back together after life-altering challenges, you’ve already heard cliches like “get unstuck” or “embrace your new normal”.

And all that sounds great!

But how?

Good question–I’ve asked it, too.


Even if you’ve read a ton of self-help books, talked yourself in circles, and waited months or years to finally “get over it”, thriving in the midst of your “new normal” is incredibly difficult.

But what if you could

Find real focus

And not just for the next five minutes.

Discover your inner drive

A real, bone-deep energy to propel you through any challenge.

Step into a hopeful tomorrow

Actually start to dream a new reality into being–not just mourn the “could-have-beens”.

Most people think that time heals all wounds–but you know that isn’t true. Not remotely. 

Waited long enough?

I get you. After my stroke, I had a hard time making sense of my new life.

As time passed, I kept asking, “Shouldn’t I be over this by now?”. Sound familiar?

The truth is, there’s no set timeline for recovery and growth. And all the wishing in the world wasn’t going to get me to the place I wanted to be–unless I got some help.

The fact is, most women feel like they need to “get it together”, “be strong for everyone else”, and generally just find healing alone. Quietly, if possible.

But I was done with the cycle. I wanted to really live the life I had, not just mourn what I thought it should have been. I wanted to see value, beauty, and purpose in my days. But I was pretty lost back then, and I bet you know a bit of what that feels like.


Without help, we can get stuck in a loop of frustration, despair, and isolation–like you’re wandering around a maze in the dark.

4 reasons most women pass on the chance to benefit from personal coaching:


Women are trained to have it all together–or at least appear that way–and they stay stuck instead of learning to heal.


I understand: hiring a professional to help you successfully take your next steps can feel like admitting failure–because you’ve been trained to believe that you should handle adversity alone.


When you’re struggling, all your energy goes into survival. And that works for a while, but not in the long term. Being there for yourself is the most important ingredient in a successful life. 


When you let yourselves consider the possibility of coaching, that nasty voice inside your head immediately gets to work trying to convince you that you’ll fail anyway, or you’re not worth a coach’s time. 

Don’t believe it!

Focusing on yourself can be the bravest thing you ever do…

…because saying to your doubts, once and for all, that YOU are worth your own time and energy means leaving the false security of perpetual mourning behind and stepping into the real work of building a resilient life.

Just Commit Coaching

With Jennifer Chapman

A 12-week program that takes women from lost and frustrated to focused and invigorated

I’ve taken everything I’ve learned from being a stroke survivor, hiring my own life coach, and becoming a certified Mastery Method Coach through Alyssa Nobriga’s Certified Mastery Coaching Program and built Just Commit Coaching.

It isn’t so much a life coaching program as it is a real reset button for your life.

Yes, you’ll learn all the tools you need to grow an optimistic future, but more importantly, you’ll have a detailed, step-by-step plan for actually implementing your knowledge and living an engaged, exuberant life.

The end result?

Focus. Clarity. Hope. Renewal.

Just Commit Personal Coaching

Brings you:

A detailed Plan

I’ve constructed my 12-week program with you in mind. I know the pitfalls and doubts of healing from life-changing circumstances, and I’ve loaded this plan with details, tools, and insights that will help you stay focused in the midst of uncertainty.

Regular Coaching Calls with me

Every two weeks, we’ll chat one-on-one for 90 minutes via Zoom to integrate what you’ve been learning in the self-paced modules. It will be our chance to assess challenges, tailor your plan, and process the emotions that naturally come up when doing this kind of work.

Real depth of experience

Not only have I traveled my own journey through loss and change, I’ve spent an entire year in training to become a personal life coach. This isn’t a calling I take lightly, or something I dabbled in over the weekend. I’ve committed myself to helping others along the path to healing and renewal, and I can’t wait to share everything I’ve learned with you.

Empathy without the fluff

I’m always on your side, cheering you on, supporting you throughout your journey. But the last thing you need right now is another person who tiptoes around your experience, or gets quiet and uncertain when you try to process it. I’m ready to walk through those dark places with you, help you identify your strengths, and make a plan to move forward.

I’ve been fortunate to work with Jennifer and benefit from her coaching. Jennifer has a gift for knowing the right questions to ask at the right time. She helped me to uncover limiting beliefs and realize blind spots that had been holding me back from living my highest potential. I’m grateful for her clarity, wisdom, and guidance!

Deseri Garcia

President, Vida Aventura

Just Commit Coaching Program

How it all breaks down:

90-minute Coaching Call



We’ll get you set up for a successful 12 weeks of transformation and discuss the Enneagram. I like to know who you are and who you are not, your strengths and weaknesses so I know the best approach as a coach.


Goal Setting

Going from lost to found is hard if you don’t know what “found” looks like for you. In this module, you’ll work toward articulating what your best future looks like.

90-minute Coaching Call


Vision and Values

A healed, whole life requires you to both to get clear on what your personal values are and to begin making choices that align with them.


Clarity and Purpose

You have a reason for being here, now, in *this* life, however unexpected it looks right now.

90-minute Coaching Call


Inner Road Blocks

You’ll begin to integrate the previous modules into a focused, achievable goal.


Mindset Work

Because the doubts creep in when things get specific and actionable, having a mindset of abundance is key to your future success.

90-minute Coaching Call


Health and Wellness

Try-hard, grit-your-teeth effort didn’t work before, and it won’t work as you rebuild your life. You’ll focus on the true meaning of self-care (it’s surprising!) and how to tend to your needs as they arise.



Oh, that fickle confidence. It’s here when we’re dreaming, but mysteriously absent when we try to get to work. You’ll explore strategies for sustaining confidence in yourself, your abilities, and your goals.

90-minute Coaching Call



Sitting and breathing are both more difficult and more necessary than you think. Here, you’ll get reacquainted with both.


Gratitude Practice

Focusing on what is going *right*, and on what is *still* possible, will transform your experience of each new day.

90-minute Coaching Call



Here, you’ll learn to draw strength from your place in the interconnectedness of life.



It takes a village–and you’re worth the whole village. You’ll build community, learn how to maintain and draw strength from solid relationships, and integrate your growth into your larger life.

90-minute Coaching Call and Graduation

Just Commit Facebook Group

exclusively for my clients

And to make sure you’re supported each step of the way, you’ll get access to my Facebook Group:

Join brave, wholehearted women who are doing the work to become the best version of themselves they can be!

This is where you’ll get the answers to your most pressing questions–from women who can relate.

Because I want all of my clients to have something to track their progress and engage in their goals daily, you will receive a Just Commit Journal to help hold you accountable

For recording progress, processing challenges, and engaging with your goals on a regular basis.

Your best life is still ahead of you and that’s what we aim to achieve in Just Commit Private Coaching

Just Commit Private Coaching

And receive:

The full 12-week program designed to meet you where you are and guide you into your future

7 private coaching calls with me (that’s 10.5 hours)

Exclusive access to our private Just Commit Facebook Group–and your membership lasts forever

Just Commit Branded Journal

Invest in you

Pay in 3 installments of




for all 12 weeks

Need Help?

Email me at [email protected] and I’ll answer any questions you have.

Just Commit Coaching

Is for you if:

  • You’ve felt stuck for a long time, and you’re completely over that feeling.
  • You’re finished berating yourself for not “getting over it” sooner.
  • You long for renewal and focus, but don’t know where to start.
  • You’re looking for help with verbally processing your experiences.
  • You’re ready to focus on your strengths.
  • You DON’T want to stay caught in the same thought-loops forever.
  • You DON’T want someone to hold your hand and tell you to wait for time to heal you.
  • You DON’T want to miss out on a single glorious moment of your life.
  • You DON’T want to stay fixated on losses.
  • You DON’T want to keep ignoring the ways your soul is shouting at you to care for her.