Coaching for Individuals

Without help, we can get stuck in a loop of frustration, despair, and isolation—as if you’re wandering around a maze in the dark.

Life-altering challenges.

They can be incredibly difficult and cause unneeded stress or anxiety that can make you feel like you can’t get yourself back to where you once were.

You are not alone, my friend.

It isn’t about a “get over it” mentality. Trying to move forward in this new normal is hard, and time isn’t the healer of all wounds.

But what if you could

Find real focus

Not temporarily, but long-term.

Discover your inner drive

Harness this soul-depth energy to propel you through any challenge.

Step into a hopeful tomorrow

Move past your “what if’s” and into a newer, brighter reality.

My Framework

90-day goals and expectations.

Create your vision, values, and awareness around roadblocks.

Deeper dive into limiting beliefs and what is holding you back.

Acceptance vs. Resistance and compassionate self-forgiveness work.

knowing your worth, building your confidence, and positive mindset hacks.

Create aligned action steps, and new habits and behaviors.


Want to learn more about how my services can help you reach your goals?
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Jennifer has a great story of overcoming and can help you in your journey as well.
David Schweisthal

Harding Poorman Group

Authentic, intuitive and skilled at uncovering my needs are just a few characteristics that encompass Jennifer. At our first session, I really did not know what I needed from her but what I soon realized was that she would help bring clarity to my thoughts on my goals and balance to my recent job transition. Jennifer is an excellent thought partner, empathetic listener and I will forever value our experience.

Yalonda Brown

Engage Mentoring

Focusing on yourself can be the bravest thing you do. Many women pass on the chance to benefit from personal coaching because…


Women are trained to have it all together–or at least appear that way–and they stay stuck instead of learning to heal.


I understand: hiring a professional to help you successfully take your next steps can feel like admitting failure–because you’ve been trained to believe that you should handle adversity alone.


When you’re struggling, all your energy goes into survival. And that works for a while, but not in the long term. Being there for yourself is the most important ingredient in a successful life. 


When you let yourselves consider the possibility of coaching, that nasty voice inside your head immediately gets to work trying to convince you that you’ll fail anyway, or you’re not worth a coach’s time. 

Don’t believe it!

Just Commit Coaching

with Jennifer Chapman

This is a three-month program that helps women go from lost and frustrated, to focused and invigorated. It can be your next step towards a growing, optimistic future!

My program will bring you:

A detailed Plan

Designed to meet you where you are and filled with details, tools, and insights to keep your focus and guide you into your future.

Regular Coaching Calls

Seven private calls with me (that’s 10.5 hours) to integrate your learning, but also identify challenges, adjust your plan, and process the emotions that come.

Real experience

I have taken my story and used it to amplify my passion for helping other brave, wholehearted women. My experience can give you peace of mind that this process works.

True empathy

The good, bad, light, and dark. I’m here to support, cheer, and walk you through it all. I will help you through the process, identify your strengths and make a forward plan throughout your journey.


As an added plus, you will receive a Just Commit Coaching branded journal to record your progress, process challenges, and engage your goals regularly.

Your best life is still ahead of you.

It’s okay to reset.