Hi, friend.
I’m Jennifer.

Mastery Method Coaching certification from Alyssa Nobriga’s Certified Coaching Mastery Program

Impact Woman of the Year Finalist,
American Heart Association

Co-Author of The Soulology Chronicles- stories of women who have persevered and have turned their mess into their message. (Available Summer 2021)

My Story

My entire life changed when I was 11—and again at 34.

One moment I was living a perfect childhood with an amazing family and close friends. The next moment, I lost my mom very suddenly and had to adapt to life without her. Through family support and a passion for tennis, I grieved and made the best out of what life had given me.

Then I reached age 34. The same age my mom was when she passed. I was a successful sales professional and took my stress out in the gym daily. Again, one moment, I was running 5 glorious miles and my body felt amazing. The next moment, I just didn’t feel right. I couldn’t think clearly. I couldn’t swallow. I took an ambulance to the hospital, and the doctor confirmed it:

I had suffered a stroke.

In one morning, I had gone from a healthy young athlete to a stroke survivor who needed help with everything.

And it took me to some dark places.

Recovering from multiple life-changing events has layers no one ever warned me about. No one tells you how much mental resilience you’ll need to carry you through to the other side of trauma.

At first, my brain instinctively shoved most emotions to the side and kept me focused on what was right in front of me: survival, learning to keep my balance, remembering how to swallow safely, and all sorts of things I had never thought to appreciate before my stroke.

But once it became clear that I was “out of the woods”, my brain stopped being in survival mode. And the emotions slammed into me. Hard.

And I discovered, like most trauma survivors do, that the real work begins only after the danger has finally passed.

I had to adjust to my new normal–but it took me a long time to even want there to be a “new” normal. I wanted my old normal back! I was frustrated, grieving, and a bit lost.

I was stuck.

Then I made the best decision of my life: I asked for help.

I hired an incredible life coach, who gently and enthusiastically partnered with me on my journey into my new life.

And let me tell you, my friend: my gratitude to my life coach knows no bounds. Desiree Garcia helped me focus on new goals, gave me the clarity I needed to imagine a new future, and ultimately was there for me as I made peace with my new life–and then learned to thrive.

Embracing the new version of myself was difficult, but it’s the best and bravest work I’ve ever done.

And now, my passion is to help others who find themselves on a similar journey. Whether you’ve survived a stroke, accident, or any major life change, a supportive coach and a practical plan can be the difference between suffering and thriving.

When you feel lost, stuck, and frustrated in the dark, a coach is the person who hands you a flashlight and sticks around until morning.

I dedicated myself to becoming a Mastery Method Coach with Alyssa Nobriga, and now I’ll help you:

  • Redefine your purpose
  • Regain your confidence
  • Embrace the newest version of you

And because I’ve been there, I understand the unique challenges that come with having your life turned inside out. I know that the last thing you need is judgement, pressure, or false positivity.

Sometimes you just need a cheerleader. Other times, like right now, you need a coach!

I can’t wait to be on your team.