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I am an avid sports fan, dog lover, speaker,author, mindset coach and most proudly a stroke survivor. I truly believe your past can define you or control you…you have a choice. You cannot control your circumstances, but you can control how you respond

One moment, I was living a perfect childhood; filled with amazing family and close friends. The next, I suddenly was without my mom and had to adapt to life without her. My passion for tennis and family support helped me grieve, but I made the best out of what life had given me.

Fast forward to age 34, the same age my mom was when she passed. I was a successful sales professional who took out my stress in the gym. One moment, I was running five glorious miles and feeling amazing, and the next, I just didn’t feel right. My head was foggy. I couldn’t swallow. I took an ambulance to the hospital, and the doctor confirmed it.

I had suffered a stroke. In one morning my entire life had changed, again.

I went from being a healthy athlete, to a stroke survivor who needed help with everything. And it took me to some dark places.

I never received any kind of warning about the layers I would have to go through throughout my recovery. No one tells you how much mental resilience you will need to carry you through multiple life-changing events. All while trying to make it through to the other side of trauma.

At first, my brain instinctively shoved my emotions to the side to keep me focused on my biggest challenge: survival. Learning how to keep my balance, remembering how to swallow safely, and other normal parts of life that I had never thought to appreciate before my stroke.

When it was clear that I was “out of the woods”, my brain opened up the gates for my emotions. My emotions slammed into me hard and I discovered that is where the true work and healing for me began.

My new normal required me to adjust, but I didn’t want the “new” normal. I wanted my normal back. I was frustrated, grieving, a bit lost. I was stuck.

I was ready to recommit to myself and figure out the way forward in my new reality and find a way back to myself.

I hired an incredible life coach who gently and enthusiastically partnered with me on my new life journey. The gratitude for my coach knows no bounds. Deseri Garcia helped me focus on new goals, gave me the clarity I needed to imagine a new future, and ultimately was there for me as I made peace, learned to thrive, and pushed through the difficulty to embrace my new life.

It’s the best and bravest work I’ve ever done.

I now have a passion to help others who find themselves on a similar journey. I became a Mastery Method Coach through Alyssa Nobriga’s program “Institute for Coaching Mastery” and began my coaching journey to help others navigate and imagine their future.

I understand the unique challenges that come with your life being turned upside down. I’ve been there. The last thing you need is judgment, pressure, or false positivity. I can help you redefine your purpose, regain your confidence, and embrace the new version of you.

As your coach, when you’re feeling lost, stuck, frustrated, or in the dark, I will be the one to hand you the flashlight and stick around until morning.



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